BWin is one of the most established companies in the online gambling industry. They have been operating for a long time and you don’t survive long in online gambling without being innovative and trustworthy. It is in terms of innovation that BWin has always excited me and they have made the move into the mobile gambling market and are starting to make a really big impact. This is mainly because of the huge variety they offer and also that the games look so damned good. It is however mobile poker which I’m focussing on in this review and as you’ll soon see that I’m already a huge fan.


Installation is extremely easy, all you need to do is click on this link which will take you to the Bwin sign up page for iphone or android and follow the simple instructions. In this review I will be focussing on the iphone but I’ve successfully tested this on an Android and it is very similar and is just as easy to install. The really nice thing with Bwin’s mobile poker is that it is an actual app which you download from the Appstore, this in turn means that it has a few extra features and is better put together than many of the web-based mobile casinos.
In brief these are the simple steps you need to do to get up and running with Bwin:

  • Click on the link to Bwin mobile poker iphone,
  • Click on the Download Now button which will take you directly to the Appstore and then click on install to install the app.
  • Once this is done you should have a nice new icon on your smartphone which looks something similar to this:
  • The last step in the installation, which is very important, is to remove any content restrictions on your phone. This can either be on the phone itself, on the iphone it is under restrictions under general settings, or set on your account by the mobile phone provider. If you experience any difficulties with games not loading properly then this will almost certainly be the cause but it’s easy to fix if you just call your mobile phone support line.

Games and Features of the Poker Room

Ok so we’ve covered the installation and as I promised it was fairly easy, if you experience any difficulties then you can of course contact BWin’s customer support for assistance. Now then to the mobile poker itself and my review of it. To get started click on the newly created icon on your smartphone which will launch the following page:

In this initial menu you get the options of playing for real money, in which case you will be prompted to deposit money into your account, or you can play with fun money to get a feel for the BWin mobile poker room. A third option is the Preview which shows you what all the icons do and how to navigate the menus etc. We always recommend that you try any mobile casino or poker room in practice mode first before you deposit any money because you don’t want to pay up and then discover that the place doesn’t have the games you want to play or you dislike it for some other reason.
Let’s assume you follow our advice and tap on practice match, this will launch a page asking you to login or register. Registration is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes and there is no requirement to enter any card details.

After this is done and you have an account you enter your details and click on login which will launch the following page where you get to select the type of Texas Hold’em game, betting limits and number of players:

After you enter your selection you simply tap Play Now which places you onto the first available Texas Hold’em table game. This is the only game available at the moment but I know that Bwin are working hard on all the other poker variations and will release them as soon as they are satisfied with their quality.

Below are a few screenshots from one of the practice games I played. In my opinion the graphics are really good and the game has a clear and precise layout, it really is very similar to an online poker room game only missing the variation in game types and also I do miss the chat function although that would probably be an annoyance on a phone but could be great fun on a tablet.

As mentioned the interface is very good and the gaming experience feels very natural. I was playing over a fairly slow connection but I didn’t notice any slowdowns in the game at all. There are various options which can be set in the options menu and you can even have a 4-colour deck which I have become very used to and miss at poker rooms which don’t offer it. In terms of playability I genuinely think this is one of the best mobile poker rooms on the market and BWin have promised that it’s only the start!

Bonuses and promotions

BWin do offer bonuses and promotions but since they offer such an integrated gambling experience, from regular online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks to mobile casinos and poker rooms with the same account for everything, their promotions tend to be more generic and change all the time so I’d recommend you check out their Promotions page. But at the time of writing this review they were offering new accounts 10 free tickets to the rookie challenge poker tournament, plus a 100% match bonus up to $500!

A lot of people get nervous about online casinos and poker rooms and this is only heightened with mobile casinos and poker rooms. This is why it’s so important to pick trustworthy gambling companies and BWin is certainly one of them. I mean any company that can afford to sponsor Real Madrid AND Bayern Munich must be fairly big right! On top of this it’s always a good indicator to see that gambling companies are signed up to the various gambling awareness programmes which now exist and also online gambling self regulatory bodies. Bwin is a member of the following organisations, GamCare, EGBA, ESSA and eCogra.


I hope I have tried to give a balanced view of the BWin mobile poker room but it’s hard not to get carried away because it quite simply is fantastic fun and really raises the bar for its competitors. That is not to say that is can’t be improved on, of course it can, and the main things I would like to see added are a choice of poker games, the introduction of some kind of chat feature in the games and also some poker tournaments but as said I know that BWin are busy developing many of these features as we speak and in the meantime they already offer an extremely good Texas Hold’em mobile poker game, I highly recommend you all check it out at your earliest convenience by clicking on the link.

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