The independent research company Research and Markets has released the results its latest study, predicting that the mobile gambling industry world-wide between 2017 to 2021 will grow at a rate of 18.84 percent annually.

The growth will come mainly from increased interest in various forms of betting on mobile by younger demographic groups, the researcher claims, noting that mobile is the medium of choice for younger players, and that this increases the reach of gambling to sections of the population that do not visit casinos or betting bars.

The study found that the average age of a casino visitor is now 48, whilst that of an online gambler is 34.5 years and a mobile gambler 32 years. This suggests a paradigm shift in the state of gambling from bricks-and-mortar to mobiles, R&M observes.

The report adds that the latest trend gaining momentum in the market is vendors offering rewards in the form of coupons or monetary benefits.

Assessing threats to development, the researcher said that in some countries mobile gambling has not been legalised due to concerns regarding addictive gambling behaviour, and that perceptions of the potential for compulsive gambling are therefore a threat to growth.