Independent research company Technavio has published the results of its latest study on mobile gambling, predicting that by 2021 the market will have grown by 19 percent, with most of the action from sports betting (54 percent).

Recalling that last year’s study found that 73 percent of mobile gambling users are regular gambling “enthusiasts”, Technavio leading analyst Ujjwal Doshi expanded on that theme, noting that the current study has confirmed that these mobile gamblers are in general financially secure and use mobile gambling as an entertaining stress reliever

“Gambling enthusiasts are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about gaming,” Doshi observed. “They have a positive attitude towards gaming and have knowledge about the games they play. These consumers seek the entertainment value of the game over ROI for their investments.”

He added that this type of consumer has liberalised and individualistic perspectives on gambling.

The Technavio study identifies Ladbrokes, Bwin Party, 888 Holdings and Bet-at-Home as major mobile gambling providers, and suggests there is still room in the international market for more operators and suppliers.