Online poker provider Pokerstars has announced that its hit Facebook app, PokerStars PLAY, is now available as a standalone app for mobile and tablet devices operating on both iOS and Android platforms.

PokerStars PLAY on Facebook has been popular and highly rated by the gaming industry and its users, with a user rating of 4.1 out of 5.

The app benefits from sharing player liquidity with one of the world’s most visited free poker platforms,, and combines a fully featured poker experience with the gamification and monetization elements of social gaming, a company media release advises.

The mobile app is free-to-play, with the option of in-app purchases to increase play money bankroll. It also uses innovative gesture-based controls, designed to simulate real poker play. Rather than clicking buttons to bet, raise or fold, players can us hand movements to slide chips or cards into the middle of the table to declare their action.

PokerStars PLAY is available world-wide in all jurisdictions where the company currently offers play-for-free poker games, including the United States, Europe and Asia.