Probability plc, a UK listed mobile gambling technology and operating company, has concluded a private study of UK gambling preferences which shows that 87 percent of Brit players like mobile action and would recommend it to friends and colleagues.

Probability spokesman Michael Byrne said Thursday:

“Real money gambling on mobile is now a mainstream and social activity in the UK. With that level of ubiquity amongst consumers, it’s no surprise that real-money gaming is attracting increased attention as a low risk opportunity for non-gaming businesses to increase revenues, engage and entertain customers.

“Doing this on mobile through smartphones and tablets is now the preferred entry point for the majority of players in the UK.”

The company’s study found that 26.9 percent of respondents to the survey used their mobile device for betting or related information at least three times a week.

More detail from the study is likely to be included in a webinar Probability has planned for February 19 this year entitled “The Future of Mobile Gaming and Gambling”.