Barcelona-based content developer MGA Games has expanded into mobile with the release of a portfolio of six HTML5-built games.

The initial releases comprises “Detective”, “Sea” and “Champions” 3X5 bingo cards along with its “Beach”, “Champions League” and “La Taberna” slot titles.

MGA is a leading Spanish-based operator of and both of which are powered by gaming and sports betting platform provider OPTIMA.

OPTIMA , who boast a client list of 500 plus in both the online and retail markets, acquired intellectual property rights from GTECH in 2014 and InfoPowa readers will recall OPTIMA being one of the first companies to achieve certification of their online slots platform in Spain back in April 2015.

“We have been operating in Spain on OPTIMA’s platform for a while and are convinced that being at the forefront of gaming technology is a competitive advantage that all our customers enjoy,” José A. Giacomelli, MGA’s New Technologies Managing Director said.