Swedish mobile game development start-up Kiggit is considering the integration of real-money play on its newly launched social football app.

The app, which allows users to make predictions on football matches, challenge friends and create social betting slips, will soon introduce Kiggits, a virtual currency that can be used as a stake in the game.

Other features in development include dynamic leaderboards, livescores, in-game stats, live betting options as well as a chat feature so friends can interact before, during and after matches.

Development for Android will begin in August and the concept can scale up to other sports in stand-alone apps when mature, the company said.

“We wanted to launch ahead of the World Cup to be ready for the biggest sports event in the World”, said Jakob Hagemann, chief executive officer and co-founder of Kiggit.

“It is, by no means the finished product, but we are extremely happy to now have live user data to work with – and reception has been really great with more than 8,000 predictions on football matches from a range of leagues made within the first month”.

Kiggit is moving towards securing a seed round as it looks to scale up and further realise its ambitions in the social gaming channel.