Casual gaming firm Big Fish Gaming has claimed a first with the addition of real-time mobile social Craps to its free-to-play mobile game Big Fish Casino.

Big Fish Casino says it is the “first digital casino to offer synchronous play in a mobile Craps game”.  The game allows the shooter to blow on the dice for good luck, and if they’re on a roll, the dice will get hotter for the whole table to see. Roll 16 times without crapping out, and the dice will become engulfed in blue flames.

“We’ve adapted one of the most social games in the casino and brought its liveliness into the mobile environment, retaining all the classic casino-style odds that attract high rollers and savvy shooters,” said Carey DiJulio, Vice President and General Manager of Big Fish Casino.  “Craps is a natural extension of the Big Fish Casino suite of products, which boasts an already high level of social interactivity and where more than 17+ million friend connections have been made to date.”