UK online gambling operator bet365 has responded to the surge in demand for mobile technology by providing its customers with the option to watch and bet on live sports events utilising iOS and Android smartphones.

bet365 has leveraged the systems and code it developed for its online In-Play system, with raw video streams supplied by Perform that are then integrated into the bet365 system by its in-house development team.

Martin Davies, CTO, bet365 commented: “We are taking mobile computing very seriously, there’s a similar excitement as 10 years ago, when we started to explore the full potential of the Internet.”

“Our software development teams have cracked a number of difficult technology challenges to enable us to be one of the first companies to offer a video streaming service across multiple mobile platforms. As connection speeds still need to catch up, we have designed our product to identify what speed the user is on and deliver the best experience that their phone will allow.”

In October, the company began streaming live video coverage of horse racing on iPhones, which it says, has proven to be very popular.

The All Sports service will deliver around 3,400 sporting events and 10,000 horse races with bet365 expecting further developments to be rolled out in 2012 including a service designed specifically for tablets.