The Chinese online lottery service provider, XcelMobility Inc., has launched Afterburner, an innovative new Wi-Fi networking platform allowing mobile users and lottery players to easily and quickly connect to the company’s online lottery and advertising portal.

Afterburner Wi-Fi nodes will be installed in lottery and phone card kiosks throughout China, creating a true national Wi-Fi network, the company said Thursday.

There are over 1,000,000 small lottery outlets located throughout Chinese cities, and each of these outlets provides a potential installation for the Afterburner Wi-Fi device, a spokesman said.

The Afterburner device will be installed at no cost to the kiosk proprietor and provides the proprietor with numerous opportunities to increase sales and profits by:

Offering customers a free Wi-Fi service at the kiosk thus increasing traffic;
Providing an easy and convenient access for lottery and other personal products;
The ability to sell new products and services offered over the Afterburner network;
Sharing in online advertising revenues.

XcelMobility’s CEO Ryan Ge claimed: “Afterburner positions us well to take advantage of the 85 Billion Yuan mobile internet lottery segment that grew at over 100 percent in 2014.”

He added that Afterburner makes it possible for his company to connect with the over 1 billion mobile users in China, and revealed that pilot Afterburner installations are currently being tested. The company plans to start a general rollout of the network over the second half of the year.