When you think of major forces in the gambling and online gambling industry few names are bigger than Ladbrokes and this is for a very good reason, they consistently deliver quality and have great customer service.

This is certainly true with their mobile sportsbook which is one of the best around in my opinion, it has a brilliant selection of games and a really nice interface.


Ladbrokes sportsbook is installed via the appstore for the iphone which means that you get a custom application tailor made for the iphone and not just some generic web-based Java game.

Because installation is via the appstore it really couldn’t be easier all you do is go to the appstore and search for  Ladbrokes and sports bet, install it and away you go, for the other smartphones follow these steps:

  1. Visit Ladbrokes through the link on this page or use the QR Code on your your smartphone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia or Other.
  2. Follow the instructions and text SPORTS to 86131, you will then receive an sms with further instructions on how to download the sportsbook.
  3. Simply tap on the top link to go to the sportsbook which will ask you to create a link to the mobile sportsbook on your smartphones home page. On the iphone you might need to first click on the “send to” icon at the bottom from where you can select save to home screen.
  4. Once this is done you should have a nice new icon on your smartphone.
  5. The last step in the installation which is very important is to remove any content restrictions on your phone. This can either be on the phone itself, on the iphone it is under restrictions under general settings, or set on your account by the mobile phone provider. If you experience any difficulties with games not loading properly then this will certainly be the cause but it’s easy to fix if you just call your mobile phone support line.

Games and Features of the Casino

OK so got past the gruelling ordeal of installation ;-), now it’s time to enjoy this fabulous mobile sportsbook and of course the great thing is that you can enjoy it from anywhere you choose, in your car, at work even tat he pub!

If you are familiar with Ladbrokes then you know that they have a huge  selection of bets which you can make and this is also true on the mobile version of their sportsbook, this is just a small selection of the betting categories:

– Football

– Racing

– Cricket

– Rugby

– Tennis

– Golf

and there are many many more. The interface is really clear and easy to use and you can can login with your existing account or create a brand new one on the fly, so if you stuck somewhere but here a sure-fire tip there is now a solution.

Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses are sometimes blown out of proportion, all promotions should be treated as nice little extras and never the sole reason for joining one particular sportsbook over another. Having said all that I could certainly understand why someone would be tempted by the bonuses Ladbrokes offer, the main one is a $€£50 matched bet to get you up and running. Another great promotion/feature is that you can stream live horse-racing straight onto your smartphone which is very cool and adds to the overall excitement.

Ladbrokes are signed up to gamcare, the body which helps people with problem gambling and this is reassuring to see, especially with a sportsbook where it is so easy to go a bit crazy after a few bad bets! Ladbrokes is in any case a name you can 100% trust and that always makes gambling that little bit more relaxed.


Ladbrokes is a gambling company which I have made use of in almost every conceivable format from the high street betting shop, to online sportsbooks and now to mobile sportsbooks and every single one of these experiences has been very good, sometimes more than others ;-). Even if you are not already familiar with Ladbrokes I recommend that you check them out, Ladbrokes Mobile Sportsbook is quite simply outstanding.