Tennis and mobile gaming are two activities that you would not normally expect to be enjoyed by the same person, but all that is set to change with the introduction of this highly engrossing release that is sure to become a future classic in the mobile gaming world. Called Maria Sharapova Tennis, the game aims to bridge the gap between tennis fans and couch bound mobile gaming fanatics in a big way.
Now Maria Sharapova Tennis is not a perfect mobile game by any means–there are a few areas with regard to graphics where some corners were obviously cut for instance–but it is nevertheless one of the best representatives of the current crop of mobile gaming offerings. Let’s tackle each area one by one then, shall we?

The graphics performance and quality of Maria Sharapova Tennis is generally pretty good, especially considering the limitations that mobile gaming developers have to deal with, which brings us to the areas where the game designers have had to make some concessions. Obviously the screen size is fairly small, which is why the graphics details leave a little bit to be desired. The opponents in particular aren’t really very clear, although Maria–who you will be playing as–is clear enough for most people. The player’s sprites aren’t that big either but on the other hand, this makes the entire court look much better and contributes to making the players actions more believable. Thankfully, the rest of the graphics are generally very good, particularly in terms of ball movement and animation. The pics that you see during the loading stages and in the menus are also quite striking.

The sound is generally of excellent quality, and the sounds that you would normally expect to hear in a real game are adequately represented. There is also a pretty cool tune that plays when you load up the game. Some people may find the lack of sound effects and audience noises between matches a bit disappointing however.

Maria Sharapova Tennis offers one of the best sets of controls as far as mobile gaming contenders go. While most mobile gaming releases only offer one control for the entire game, Maria Sharapova Tennis actually offers two controls, making for a more efficient and intuitive playing experience. Players have the option to use both the directional pad as well as the keypad, or they could opt to use the keypad alone.

Game play
As far as game play is concerned, Maria Sharapova Tennis is absolutely captivating. The longer you play the game, the better you are able to execute some really fancy moves. And when that happens, you are definitely hooked on playing the game! Players have a choice between quick play and career tour modes, which makes it ideal for mobile gaming fanatics who merely want to while away a few minutes in play, or those who are in it for the long haul!

For the best tennis experience this side of mobile gaming, check out Maria Sharapova Tennis and prepare to give your fingers a workout!

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